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About this blog

This year I have decided on three resolutions (or revolutions as my niece likes to say): (1) live healthier (2) renew my faith and (3) read more books!! I’m hoping that by creating a blog I will help myself be more accountable to these new steps.

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Day One!

So today is the day…everyone says, “Oh I’ll start tomorrow!” well tomorrow never comes, so I started today! I have already begun to live a healthier lifestyle by watching my calorie intake and going to the “gym”. Now, by “gym” I mean the small workout area on the main floor of my mom’s work — but hey it’s works right? By doing this alone I have already lost about 17 lbs!!! I don’t just want to look better though, I want to feel better, and treat my insides nicely as well — so I’ve decided to eat healthier along with the help of (you should check it out!)

So here’s my day in food:

Breakfast: Yoplait Light Very Vanilla, 1/3 c Quaker Oatmeal Squares (crushed), 2 large strawberries (cut up), and 5-6 raspberries.

Lunch: 1 larger Honeycrisp apple, 2 TBS Peanut Butter, Reduced Fat Cheese Crackers

Dinner (I don’t have so much control over because my sister and mom are on a diet as well and well, I have to eat what they make pretty much because I don’t want to cook dinner just for myself):  Flank Steak with McCormick Montreal Steak seasoning, sauteed broccoli and green peppers in oil and garlic

Snacks:  Whole Grain Goldfish, Teddy Grahams

Also I try to drink about 2 bottles of water a day – but I really need caffeine in my life so I had a coke zero today so I wouldn’t turn into a monster!!

Here’s my day in books:

Well today was the first day of classes — I’m in my second semester of my grad program and so I spent a lot of today reading textbooks (I’ll count those too as part of my resolution so I feel more accomplished). Anyways, I read the prologue to my Introduction to Public Health book today and learned a lot of thinks, most interesting was that Russia is in a public health crisis that is very disturbing, things we take for granted like sterile medical tools and adequate training of physicians is just not a reality for Russia since the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

But for fun I’m currently reading “Mirror Mirror” by Gregory Maguire, so far so good but I’m not that far into it – basically it is a retelling of Snow White in the same style as Wicked was for The Wizard of Oz.

I think that will just about do it for this post. What are some of your resolutions for the new year? – or if you aren’t into that…maybe you can suggest some books for me to add to my list or delicious/healthy foods to try 🙂

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